When we hear the terms ‘academic assessment’, the first idea that pops into our head is examinations.  However, it is important to remember that a child can be assessed in many different ways others than a typical classroom exam. Some may even argue that any sort of assessment; despite of its type, is unnecessary when dealing with young children. This is not really true. There are many benefits of assessing the child’s academic performance from a very young age.

Helps identify any weaknesses the child may have 

Assessments during the primary years of a child’s school career is the best way to identify any sort of learning difficulty or challenge that the child is victim too. Even though some parents think that it does less harm to not know of possible learning difficulties or disorders their child might have, early diagnosis and intervention is the most effective method to help children reach their full potential. For school teachers and tutors Melbourne who are dealing with young kids, assessing your students should be a top priority in your curriculum.

Helps educator set standards

All teachers and tutors Melbourne should set certain standards for themselves as well as their students in order to deliver a high quality of education. In order to do this, assessing the abilities of your students is a key requirement. Therefore, as an educator assessing your students should be something that you should focus on. Having assessments annually or at least quarterly will help you maintain healthy standards for both parties.

Gives the young child the ability to face future exams

Assessing a child through a simple viva or an activity based examination is a great method to give him or her exposure to the nature of their future examinations. Certain individuals develop exam anxiety even as adults. Giving them the opportunity to get accustomed to an exam setting will help keep such situations to a minimum.

Helps evaluate progress

As an educator the only way to measure how much impact you have made on a student is by evaluating their progress. Academic assessments are the easiest method to get this information. You can change or modify the teaching styles you use to educate the student as well as other aspects of their curriculum according to what you learn through the assessment.

This will be a great chance for you to improve the service you delivery to your students as well as an opportunity for the students to find out where they stand and which areas need improvement.

4 reasons why academic assessment is crucial for young children

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